Acid King – Beyond Vision Cassette, Cosmic Green Shell


The return of Acid King, one of stoner/doom’s founding bands and creators of some of the most monolithic riffs and heaviest tones ever known! Acid King is stoner doom royalty, and Beyond Vision is their first new album since 2015’s Middle Of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere. Recorded by longtime producer Billy Anderson (The Melvins, Sleep, Neurosis), the album’s songs flow into each other without beginning or ending, propelled by an undulating, lysergic pulse that traces the winding path of interplanetary existence and takes listeners wherever they’d like to go. With blistering guitars and swirling power dirges aplenty, Beyond Vision began as an experiment and became the path to a silver future, no more doomladen only, but psychedelic as well, marking the dawn of a new era for the band who once built the template for thundering, swinging doom. Acid King cemented their status with landmark albums like Zoroaster and Busse Woods, going back to the primal early days of the scene. LP pressed on translucent teal green vinyl, CD comes as digipak, MC available in limited numbers as well. “Judging by the sound of expansive lead single ‘Beyond Vision,’ fans are in for a helluva trip with this collection… taps into the hazy, muffled churn that Acid King helped pioneer, but there’s an added dose of trippiness in the way the specter-like vocals float in the mix, and the dual guitar/bass solo that closes out the tune ‘Beyond Vision’ is more bluesy than bashing.” _ Revolver Mag, 2023

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