Lo-Pan – Colossus LP Magenta Vinyl


180 gram, limited 500 copies on magenta vinyl. Lo-Pan’s fourth album, Colossus, is named for the Colossus of Rhodes – a 96-foot statue constructed in 280 BC to mark a failed siege and the indomitable nature of the city of Rhodes itself. For the first time in nearly a decade together, Lo-Pan knew exactly what they wanted when they hit the studio and arrived at their own sound – a style built on aggression without caricature, fuzz without clich, melody without redundancy and their meanest groove to date. Completed with a cover courtesy of Jason Alexander Byers (ex-Disengage, Black Black Black). Like its namesake, Colossus was built in defiance of gods and men, and while Lo-Pan’s loudest statement has always been made on stage, the material they craft and the power with which they execute it on this album is bound to stand for years to come. For fans of Tool, Sasquatch, Clutch, Soundgarden, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Helmet, Quicksand.

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