Moths & Locusts – Come Together Right Now (Remixes)


Beautiful handmade edition of only 100 LPs, packaged in gorgeous silkscreened LP jackets printed by Mauro Dalla Costa of UFF Serigrafia, includes 2 color print on the front and back, plus a wild 1 color print inside the jacket. Includes 8 remixes of the Moths & Locusts track ‘Come Together Right Now’ lovingly recreated by Rob The Viking & Watson, Mongst & Khufu, Galactic Butterfly, Wide Eyed, King Pong Dub System, and Wasted Cathedral, plus an alternate M&L mix.

Remix artists include members of Shooting Guns, Radiation Flowers, The Switching Yard, Moonwood, Heavy Moon, Wide Eyed, Swollen Members, Shearing Pinx, Behaviours, Crotch, and Anunnaki. Get your copy before they are gone!

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