My Wet Calvin – Happened Before 5×7” Box Set


From the moment they appeared, they stood out for their indie pop sound and their original live low budget blockbusters. The duo My Wet Calvin, 2 years after “All Great Events”, returns with its second album, titled “Happened Before”.

The album has its own unusual story, as it consists of 10 tracks originally intended for individual singles, but eventually it was decided to include them in the same album, summing up all the elements that make up the sound identity of My Wet Calvin. From the mainstream dancefloor extroversion of “XS Underwear”, to the languid pop criticism of “Homeless Ego” and from the relentless flirt of noise with melody in “Choirs”, to the unorthodox marriage of dub rhythmology with shoegaze romance in “What Do You Say?”, this is an album that celebrates its contrasts. Coti K., Silly Boy, Felizol, Nikos Triadafillou, and Giorgos Priniotakis are the 5 people who sign the production, while the album features guest vocals by Egg Hell and Stella Hronopoulou (Expert Medicine)
The vinyl edition is a collector’s box set, containing 5 coloured 7” records, one for each color of the album cover: blue, red, yellow, white and black.

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