New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon LP


The louder, clearer sound afforded by producer Shadow Morton makes the Dolls come on even brasher on their second and last album. In Too Much Too Soon finds their mix of aggression and humor intact–not just “in spite of” an increased reliance on covers, either, because David Johansen’s taste in remakes expresses a lot about this music nut’s crazed, loving worldview. Who else in ’70s rock could make a wacked-out doo wop novelty like “Stranded in the Jungle” into an important personal statement? The Stones’ late-’74 slopbucket take on “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” suggests that they’d heard the Dolls rewire the Philly-soul “Showdown.” And while few of the punks who followed were to make as deep as claim on reality as the buzzsawing “Human Being” does, though many were to chip off pieces of the manic “Who Are the Mystery Girls?” –Rickey Wright

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