Os Noctambulos – Corsica Garden LP


Os Noctàmbulos, while distinctly in the camp of ‘retro’, manage to cast a wider net than most. The smooth rounded production nods as frequently to fifties RnR licks as it does the more honed, pristine sound of ‘golden age’ Bristish & American rock, whilst also taking in country tinged flavours of groups such as Big Star and the Flying Burrito Brothers.

A gentle undercurrent of psych carries the records pace, ebbing and flowing, weaving between the hypnotic and the upbeat garage surf propulsions. Whilst there are plenty of explosive moments, the record feels less focused on scrappy ramshackle ruggedness and more focused on controlled, well crafted and masterfully recorded songs, allowing the Them-era Van Maorrison vocal growls to tear through and elevate above the music.

Craggy DIY production methods favoured by many similar groups are ditched in favour of making a record that sounds like it came from a timewhen large scale recording budgets were still a commonality, creating a record that feels effervescent and gutsy yet considered and poised.

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