Pet The Preacher ‎– Short Stories: Papa Zen & Meet The Creature LP Grey Marbled Vinyl


The 2011 and 2013 EPs by our favorite stoner blues heroes combined on nice wax. The band released an EP titled Meet The Creature in 2011. That EP will be released as a double EP with the new material titled Papa Zen released through Bilocation Records on vinyl. The Meet The Creature side begins with a bass heavy number with “Into A Darker Night.” The song starts off with a slow tempo and picks it up as it progresses. “A Part of Me” is a fast and heavy song that stays consistent throughout. This side ends with the very good “I Won’t Let You Go.” The song shifts from slow to fast in a typical verse chorus verse format but then changes up a bit with a killer guitar solo about 5 1/2 minutes in to end the song. On the Papa Zen side lies 3 very heavy songs that do nothing short of rocking your ass off. You’re greeted with “Bright Light, Black Death” which begins slow but wastes no time in picking it up. Overall it is more of a mid-tempo song. “Concrete Prophet” is next. It’s faster then the previous song. It’s an easy favorite. Listen below, you’ll see. That side ends off with the titled track which is a very guitar and bass heavy instrumental song. 6 very good songs that do nothing short of kick your ass and make you breathless. It’s heavy, somewhat fuzzy, and sounds great. If you like things that rock, and this album does just that, you’re going to want this. Give “Concrete Prophet” from the album a listen on the player below.

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