Polyfeen – Den Sidste Vilde LP Numbered Red/Green Splatter Vinyl


Polyfeen spread their wings in the psychedelic fuzz and space echo universe and is musically anchored in the progressive psychedelic rock genre. Greatly inspired by Pink Floyd and Deep Purple Polyfeen add a new modern touch to the genre adding synthesizer and intense dance drumbeats in the mix. The song writing on the album is centered around the frontman, lead singer and bass player Michael Stanley and the charismatic Hammond organist and virtuosi Per Hugo Rotboll, constantly challenging the psychedelic genre, moving from ear hangers lead by the excellently played acoustic and electric guitars by guitarist Torsten Lefmann accompanied by Stanley’s intense lead vocals to an instrumental synthesizer high paced dance song with a psychedelic twist that will make any listener indulged to the tough beat by drummer Karsten “Mons” Mansa. The quartet even features the grand piano in a melodic song which especially with Stanley piano playing and lead vocal leads you in direction of the Lennon solo period from the early ’70s. The album features backwards guitars, coral sitar, heavy bass fuzz and a number of ’70s analogue synthesizers. You will be taken back to the early ’70s with a modern twist in a psychedelic universe with extensive guitar and Hammond organ solos. Throughout the album the lyrics are focused round the unrealized potential in all humans regardless of origin.

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