Psyence – Zebra 7” Half White Half Black Vinyl


Limited edition of 250 copies on zebra coloured vinyl, plus download code. “Psyence’s bass-heavy debut single ‘Zebra’ is a swirling, careening ride with stomping riffs for the young at heart. With filthy low tones and an airy vocal, its a brief 2-minute experience – sweet like a lullaby, yet packed with concentrated doses of invincibility, youth and swagger. Meanwhile, the fluid beat of the drums and lackadaisical tempo in ‘I Often Ponder’ are nothing short of stunning. Messy in all the right ways, and sharp in all the right places, the guitar work is irreverently spectacular. Psyence provides the finest dose of Cloud 9 mojo. Keep an eye out for this band and all their future releases!” ~Rock’N’Roll In My Soul

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