Ruff Majik – Tarn LP Yellow / Red Splatter Vinyl


The album was recorded in October 2018 at Backline Studios with long time friend and collaborator Evert Snyman at the helm of the production.

As always, the band was very specific in their methods of recording, doing only one live take per song, with minimal overdubbing for extra guitar and vocal layers.

After the recording process was completed, the band made the decision to send the album through to Audiosiege for mastering, seeking the same mastering process as many of their favourite bands.

Lyrically the songs stem from intense experiences surrounding the band since early 2018, since the passing of a family member, and the coping methods and substances the band used as a form of escapism.

It’s the heaviest Ruff Majik has ever been, and far from the heaviest Ruff Majik will be, journeying into territories of black metal, groove metal, grunge, sludge, stoner rock and doom – all neatly packaged into one album, best viewed through a smokey 70’s lens.

The album title, “Tårn” (Norwegian for ‘Tower’), was decided on in early 2019. It’s loosely based on the idea of the tower tarot card, usually used to signify danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is also associated with sudden unforseen change.

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