Stereoboy – Kung Fu LP Clear Frosted Vinyl


Stereoboy are a 3 piece band from Porto, Portugal consisting of Luís Salgado (electronics), João Pimenta (drums) and José Marrucho (percussion).

As in stereophonics, Stereoboy is also made of two channels.
Luis Salgado´s personal project associates itself at each given moment to another channel. This could be to a person, a collective or simply a machine.
In Stereoboy´s new life, electronics associates itself with drums and industrial percussion generating drones that are as much immersive as contemplatives, aggressive as noisy.
After two EP´s and an album released in 2013 by the Portuguese label PAD, Stereoboy is releasing this April “Kung Fu”, the new album which is a partnership between the labels O Cão da Garagem (PT) and Dirty Filthy Records (UK)

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