Sun Dial – Return Journey LP


In February 1991, armed with a recently recruited full band, Gary Ramon began the follow up sessions to ‘Other Way Out’. There were a number of raw, heavier sounding tracks but they were still in keeping with the philosophy of the first album. Sun Dial signed to a new label who wanted a bigger, cleaner production so these songs were unfortunately put on ice. However a limited vinyl release, ‘Return Journey’ was put out in 1993 on Gary’s newly formed label Acme, becoming a firm favourite of the fans. In later years some tracks have resurfaced on EPs and compilations and become essential live standards but for the first time since 1993, Sulatron are reissuing the original ‘Return Journey’ on 180 gram clear vinyl including original artwork by the legendary Savage Pencil, beautifully packaged and stunningly mastered with the original mixes.

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