The Monsters – …Pop Up Yours! LP


Chainsaw Massacre Garage Dirty Rock’n’Roll Ultra Trash Punk from Bern Switzerland, incl. Blow Um Mau Mau and disturbing Scorpions cover version of: Speedy’s coming Beat-Man: “1986 Bern- SWITZERLAND, THE MONSTERS where Founded 2011 their new Album (8th full lenght ) POP UP YOUR is Born, started as a Mixture of ROCKABILLY and GARAGE PUNK, the Monsters transformed themselfs into Real Trash-Monsters, the Music is straped down to a Minimum, One Guitar ,Bass and TWO DRUMS thats the Monsters, Ultra Simpel Lyrics most time just one line for a Song thats enough and with the Power of a Jumbo Jet they get in your ears and destroy your Brain in No Time in 1986 they got inspired by music made in 1956, today they landed in 1974 when Blues Punk Was Born, Bands Like AC/DC, TEN YEARS AFTER, THE RAMONES with a Twist of their own CHAINSAW MASSACRE GARAGE TRASH PUNK the Monsters cals ther Music POP UP YOURS we call it TRAAAASSSHH !!! extraordinary SHARP VOCALS super Raw Simpel straight Guitar Stupid One Tone stomache cruching Bass and 2 Drummers that makes every Dead Person Freaking out and Dance. I WANT YOU is a love song that is so straigt and Loud that it Hurts and comes comes direct to the point, MORE YOU TALK LESS I HERE YOU another ONE RIFF SONG that uses the Refrain trou the whole song, Most Songs are recorded at Italys OUTSIDEINSIDE STUDIO and mixed by Nene, Guz and Pumi some of the songs ( the real TRASH ones are recorded by the band ist self at their own JESUS LOVES YOU STUDIOS by Beat-Man. The only cover version on that album is From Germany’s Kraut Rock Legends THE SCORPIONS with SPEEDY’S COMING from their 1974 album FLY TO THE RAINBOW … so welcom to the world of the Monsters SIMPEL RAW ONE RIFF TRASH ROCK”

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