Thulsa Doom – A Keen Eye For The Obvious LP


We are proud to announce that «A Keen Eye for the Obvious” will be released in Europe, february 16th, 2018. The release is in the best of hands, distributed through legendary German label Stickman Records who has been, and will always be, a true friend of quality music from Norway. We look forward to a new chapter in the Thulsa Doom story through Rolf and Stickman, and are really happy to, from now on, be associated with many of our favourite bands from past and present, including Fireside, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Radio Birdman, Motorpsycho and Elder, just to name a few. We hope to see you on the road next year as well. Tracklisting: 1 Lady Nina 2 Eloquent Profanity 3 Wrap the Bad up 4 Shadows on the X-rays 5 Consider Me 6 Bag of Fries 7 Quest for Fire 8 Magazine 9 In Italics and Bold 10 Baby, Hate IT

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