Uffe Lorenzen ‎– Magisk Realisme Red Vinyl


Uffe Lorenzen (alias Lorenzo Woodrose) is the frontman of Baby Woodrose and Spids Nogenhat but for the past couple of years he has been recording and performing under his own name and been singing in Danish. ‘Magisk Realisme’ is his third solo album in four years, but in contrast to the first two albums which were mostly acoustic and had a 12-string guitar as the main instrument, this album is a ROCK album. Uffe Lorenzen has been missing that side of his songwriting and several of the songs sounds a bit like Baby Woodrose in Danish while others have the laidback psychedelic feeling of the Danish Grammy-winning band Spids Nogenhat. Lorenzen plays all instruments himself besides an occasional pedal steel guitar. Second pressing on red vinyl.

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