Travel Mind Syndrome – East Acton To Saint Friday CD


From Coldplay to Pulp, from Muse to Soundgarden, from Athens to Lon-don: with their delicate shortcuts, Travel Mind Syndrome have managed to shorten the music (and geographic) distances, bridging gaps in a way only genuine talent can bridge.Having an important previous experience in the UK (their single “Donna” was extensively transmitted and presented on BBC radio 6 by Tom Robin-son), having earned extensive airplay with their single “Emergency Exit”, with their radio hit “Breeze Of Light” being elected as “Song Of The Month” by Jumping Fish, with their uplifting shows across the country, having shared the stage with Caesars in a highly praised live show, Travel Mind Syndrome are finally ready to release their first long expected LP, entitled “East Acton to St. Friday”With a music philosophy that manages to decrystalise the modern pop/rock palette in an unique and rich personal distillate, they combine Snow Patrol’s melancholy with Kasabian’s groovy power, making a sound that’s equally independent, fresh and unique, but also comfortably familiar – successfully creating their urban pop anthems and dance floor dynamites.With “East Acton to St. Friday”, Travel Mind Syndrome answer their call for a wake shock in the alternative/indie community, finally justifying their status as the Next Big Thing in Greek alternative rock scene.

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